Think You Know Everything About the NBA?


The National Basketball Association is to the sports of basketball in the US what the NFL is to the sports of football.

It is a premier professional basketball league for men. Founded in June 6, 1946 in the city of New York, the league consists of 30 franchised member clubs. It is an active member of USA basketball and nationally recognized governing body for basketball. It was originally named Basketball Association of America (BAA).

After a merger with its rival National Basketball League, it changed its name to National Basketball Association.

It has several offices, including one in Olympic Tower at 645 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Though the quality of game wasn’t much to talk about, the BAA was the first in its league to try and play basketball in big arenas in big cities. Towards the late 40’s, many NBL teams moved to BAA establishing it as a choice for collegians wanting to play professional basketball.

Later remainder of the NBLs also joined it leading to a merger and renaming of the body to National Basketball Association.

Since its inception, it has been through expansion and contraction of its franchise numbers.

There were several non-white players including Japanese American Wataru Misaka and African American Harold Hunter.

In the latter half of the 50’s, the Boston Celtics with Bill Russell as the rookie center led the club to eleven NBA titles in 13 seasons. It is so fat the longest winning streak in NBA’s history.

The formation of American Basketball Association saw the departure of several star players.

The names of Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan brought in popularity into the game. Several cities wanted their own teams. In 1992, the American basketball team named the Dream team consisted of big names like Michael Jordan, Bird, Johnson, and a host of others. To this date, eleven of those players have been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, individually.

The largest ever crowd that attended the NBA game was in 2010 held at Cowboys stadium. The NBA did see a few lockouts in its lifetime. NBA has seen many international names figure in its list. Some of its players are non-English speaking, hired during their college years.

Currently, the NBA is made of 30 teams of which 29 are Americans and one is located in Canada.

The NBA has its training camps that begin late September. Each team plays every other team in a season. During the period 2005 to 2008, NBA held the distinction of being the only one of the four major leagues to make each of its teams play the other.

It also held games on Christmas day. It is regularly aired on television and is much watched during the holiday season. Plus bookies like bet365 even offer odds on all the action. For a bet365 review, you can visit here.

A regular season ends in April. This is the time when voting for individual awards and selection of honorary, league-wide, post season teams begin along with early lines to win it all from online bookmakers. NBA playoffs are held in April. It plays out like a tournament. After the Boston Beltics, it is the Los Angeles Lakers who are the most successful.

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