About, “Tribal Style: Becoming a Belly Dancer" :
Dance is a metaphor for life. Once we are born, we are destined to move in life through time and space. As we learn to dance, we are also moving through time and space. Thus, learning to dance brings us information about living our lives. The process teaches us so much more than moves. We can learn to live with fearless autonomy and grace, to flow with the melody line, to be in the stillness or ride the chaos, to overcome fears that put us on the sidelines.

“Tribal Style: Becoming a Belly Dancer”, a 90 minute documentary, will profile four novice dancers as they go from their first classes to performance. Through interviews with professional belly dancers in the tribal community, we will draw parallels to the novice’s own stories: finding their strength, facing doubt, and ultimately discovering her own inner peace and beauty. We will aim to document not only the novice, but belly dance as a whole: What it means to be a belly dancer to the person dancing, and the positive impact it has on the people dancing it.

Poignant and quirky, “Tribal Style” will prove the divine in you is the divine in me. “Tribal Style” will serve as inspiration for those who have ever doubted they could change perceptions of their self-worth and image. It also will take a look into the culture that is beginning to thrive around this dance form
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Last updated November 15, 2006
Tribal Style: Becoming A Belly Dancer